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The Guardian

Lack of sleep could contribute to mental health problems, researchers reveal
The Guardian
Mental health problems including psychotic experiences could in part be down to a lack of sleep, researchers have revealed. A new study found that people who had undertaken a course of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) designed specifically to treat ...
A type of sleep therapy reduces depression, anxiety and paranoiaNew Scientist
Lack of Sleep May Be a Cause, Not a Symptom, of Mental Health ConditionsLive Science

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The Guardian

The real marker of adulthood is admitting you need sleep
The Guardian
money doesn't bring you happiness, but good sleep does! I mean, having enough of the first will go a good way to making sure you don't lose much of the second, but hold that thought: a decent night's sleep, says a study by Oxford Economics, “outweighs ...


In Denver, Marijuana Users Aren't Hard-Core Partiers -- They Really Just Want To Sleep
Contrary to the popular image of stoners as party animals, many cannabis users may just want to go to sleep, if a Denver-area survey is a reliable indicator. The survey, conducted by Consumer Research Around Cannabis, found that only pain relief rivals ...

How much sleep should I get?
Eat, sleep, repeat. Getting shut eye is a fundamental element of our daily routine. But how many of us know why we actually need sleep? Or how many hours sleep we really need? Or just how important it is? According to new research, sleep has a stronger ...

Sex and sleep are nice, but money still makes the world go round
According to their survey, having a satisfactory sex life and getting a good night's sleep stand you in better stead than earning more money. Even a quadrupling of income (from £12,500 to £50,000), the researchers suggest, would only increase an ...
Good night's sleep more important than a pay rise in making you ...The Independent
Getting a good night's sleep is 'MORE important to your wellbeing than having lots of sex or 50% pay rise'The Sun
Better sleep tops wellbeing
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Poor sleep associated with higher risk of chronic pain
(Reuters Health) - People who sleep poorly may be more likely to develop a chronic pain condition and have worse physical health, a study from the UK suggests. A general decline in both the quantity and quality of hours slept led to a two- to three ...

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New Atlas

Sleep deprivation can rapidly reduce the symptoms of depression
New Atlas
It may sound counter-intuitive, but for decades it has been known that sleep deprivation can rapidly alleviate symptoms of depression. A new meta-analysis from a team at the University of Pennsylvania has examined more than 30 years worth of studies on ...
Sleep Deprivation May Reduce Symptoms of Depression: StudyNDTV
Sleep deprivation rapidly reduces depression symptoms in nearly half of depressed

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Navy sailor 'sleep deprivation' highlighted at Senate hearing on deadly accidents
A Senate hearing Tuesday looking at recent deadly U.S. warship accidents turned the spotlight on how "sleep deprivation" may have played a role in the mishaps. At the same time, some raised questions about streamlined training as potential contributors ...
Admiral, Captain Removed in Ongoing Investigations into USS John S. McCain, USS Fitzgerald Collisions; Head of ...USNI News
CTF 70 and DESRON 15 Commanders Relieved Due to Loss of Confidence -

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Fast Company

What Our Relationships Mean For How We Sleep
Fast Company
However, little is known about how relationships affect sleep. This is especially true for young, unmarried individuals. Teens and emerging adults, in particular, generally do not get the recommended amount of sleep and report a number of sleep ...

U.S. News & World Report

8 Wildly Unconventional Tricks for Staying Awake When Sleep Isn't an Option
U.S. News & World Report
Dr. Jedidiah Ballard knows a guy who walked straight off the side of a mountain and into a tree, which saved his life. He wasn't suicidal or on drugs; he was a severely sleep-deprived Army Ranger in training. Sometimes, the soldiers get no more than 45 ...

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